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If you can't keep up with conversations in noisy environments, feel  that people are mumbling and have problems at work because you miss key  pieces of information, you may be among the 34 million people in the  U.S. with a hearing loss. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

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People can't see hearing loss

No  matter what degree of hearing loss you experience, it can significantly  impact your ability to be a part of your world and the activities you  enjoy doing. Most people can't tell you have a hearing loss just by  looking at you, which can create challenging situations, particularly in  busy or  noisy environments.

Losing Your Senses

A  loss of hearing may make it seem that others are mumbling or may result  in you becoming frustrated.  In fact, understanding of speech occurs in  your brain, not your ears.  If the information your brain is receiving  is distorted by a loss of hearing, then it’s like reading a book that is  missing every other page. You may be able to guess what is missing but  most of the time you are going to guess incorrectly.

Auditory Confusion

It  took decades for your brain to learn the meaning of sounds presented  through normal hearing ears.  Now, with a decrease in your hearing, your  brain must translate distorted information into meaningful sound.   Fortunately, current hearing aid technology is now available to resolve  your hearing problems.  

What is the Value?

How  does better hearing benefit not just you, but your family, friends, and  colleagues? Understanding the value and impact of good hearing to your  lifestyle is essential to the process of deciding the right style and  hearing aid technology for you.  At Central Florida ENT Associates, you  will be guided in this process and any questions you may have about this  important decision will be answered.